LOCAFI +: Temperature evaluation of a column exposed to a localised fire


LOCAFI+ represents the valorisation project of the RFCS project LOCAFI the main objective of which was to provide designers with scientific evidence that will allow them designing steel columns subjected to localised fires such as those that may be present, for example, in car parks. In fact, at the time being, such evidence, models and regulations exist for beams located under the ceiling, but nothing is available for columns, and this situation may lead to unnecessary and excessive thermal insulation that jeopardizes the competitiveness of whole steel projects.

Within LOCAFI, number of tests and numerical investigations enabled to gain comprehensive understanding of the involved phenomena and led to the quantification of convective and radiative heat fluxes received by a vertical element (or any other element) subjected to a localised fire. This combination of experimental and numerical investigations also led to the definition of two calculation methods: (i) a quite complex method implemented into FE software and (ii) a simplified method implemented into the existing user-friendly free software OZone and aimed at being introduced into the Eurocodes.

The technical objective of LOCAFI+ is to disseminate the methodology for the fire design of columns under localised fire to practicing engineers in several European countries by exploiting the results obtained in LOCAFI. The transfer of the developed calculation methods into practice will be achieved by national seminars and clearly structured design manuals.

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